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The Day of the City of Izhevsk and the Day of Russia 2018

The Izhevsk Cadets laid flowers at the monument of Andrei Deryabin

On June 12 the celebration of the Day of the city of Izhevsk traditionally began with the laying of flowers at the monument of Andrei Deryabin, the founder of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant.

The Cadets laid flowers to the monument together with the Chairman of the City Duma of Izhevsk Oleg Garin and the acting Deputy Head of the City Administration for Social Policy Dmitry Chistyakov.

"It's symbolic that Izhevsk celebrates its brightest city event together with the Day of Russia, the main state holiday that unites all the inhabitants of our great country. The history of Izhevsk is inextricably linked with the formation of the defense power of our country, there are hardworking and talented people here, they are rightfully proud of their achievements in various fields - culture and education, science and sport. Our city is constantly developing while preserving the traditions formed by previous generations. That is why Izhevsk has a future. I congratulate everyone on a wonderful holiday!" said Oleg Garin.

The celebrations continued with three festive events "Children's Day of the City", "The Street of Health" and "Literary" Arbat "

Behind the Government House of the Udmurt Republic the municipal theater "Young Man" organized an action "Children's Day of the City” for young kids and their parents. This event is held since 2015.

Izhevsk citizens were shown two performances: "Funny lessons" based on works of Agniya and Paul Barto, "Zebra and I are best friends" about the rules of the road; and an interactive presentation "... Without forewords, this hour" based on the works of Alexander Pushkin. On the territory of the rotunda, there were huge musical instruments and huge animal figures and suits, in which citizens could be photographed.

The House of the Government of the Udmurt Republic also had some thematic venues. Master classes, concerts, animation programs and competitions for the whole family were organized on the site "Izhevsk - the territory of childhood".

On the "Literary" Arbat ", located along Nagovitsina street, employees of the Central Municipal Library System held an intellectual venue "Library of FIFA" for Izhevsk residents. Quizzes, intellectual games, literary divination, book exhibitions were waiting for the citizens. Everyone could freely choose a book to their taste.

With the participation of medical institutions and pharmacies of the city, there was "The Street of Health". Individual consultations and conversations on a healthy lifestyle were held with the citizen, all participants were able to measure blood pressure, determine body mass index, blood sugar level and participate in "Lessons of good eyesight."

In the meanwhile, on the Central Square Izhevsk citizens could enjoy the performance of the special children

The festivities of the City Day on the Central Square began with the opening of the interactive concert program of the 'Broadway-Inclusive' studio with the participation of children with disabilities. It was dedicated to the Year of the Volunteer and the upcoming Paradelphian Games. The opening of the program was attended by the acting Deputy Head of the Administration of the City of Izhevsk on social issues Dmitry Chistyakov.

Inclusive teams of the Udmurt Republic, the creative teams of Izhevsk, the laureates of the First International Paradelphian Games performed in front of the audience. Second International Paradelphian Games of creative competitions for people with disabilities will be held in the city of Izhevsk in November. They will gather 1500 participants from 20 countries all over the world who will compete in eight categories: visual, audio-visual, theater, music, literature, choreography, original genre and gesture song. Preparations are already carried out in Izhevsk, primarily related to improvement and the creation of an accessible environment.

"I really wanted to see children with disabilities open a holiday in the Central Square," said Dmitry Chistyakov. "They gather full concert halls, but the people often do not see these talented guys. They really need attention, and today's concert is a real minute of glory for them. I'm glad that they get support from the citizens of Izhevsk."

During the event, there was a presentation of the mobile application "Your hour", which is created for the indifferent people, as well as its mass connection among the citizens.

According to Dmitry Chistyakov, the volunteer project "Your hour" exists in the capital of the Republic since the end of last year. The project allows the people of Izhevsk choose an hour of their free time to spend on a good deed. The application only works in two cities in the country - in Izhevsk and Ulyanovsk. Centers for social services, veteran organizations and other institutions working with people in need of assistance apply for gratuitous assistance. These are simple household matters - to help the wheelchair user go for a walk, go to the grocery store, cut wood and other. People see these applications online and, if possible, they can respond. "Our goal is that every resident of the city of Izhevsk has such an application on their smartphone. And then we can do a lot of good deeds," said Dmitry Chistyakov.

At the same time the Street Art Festival "Draw, Izhevsk!" took place near the building of the Ministry of Health of the Udmurt Republic.

Izhevsk artists and pupils of art schools of the city of Izhevsk took part in the drawing event on the wall set near the building of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Udmurtia. They were joined by honorary guests - Alexander Svinin, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Sakha, First Deputy Minister of Health of Udmurt Republic Georgiy Shcherbak, acting Deputy Head of the Administration of the city of Izhevsk on social issues Dmitry Chistyakov.

The guests of honor thanked the citizens participating in the festival for their active assistance in the improvement of the territory near the Ministry building. "We are at the source of a big and important business when the citizens begin to participate in the organization of city events. Let me remind you that the program of the three-day festival dedicated to the Day of the City and the Day of Russia is based on the wishes of the people of Izhevsk, " said Deputy Head of the City Administration Dmitry Chistyakov. He also noted that when collecting applications for the improvement of the territories, four objects were identified to be painted on the City Day. However, five applications have already been received additionally. "People see that you are making our city brighter. We are the team and we will make our city the most beautiful city in the country."

Later, the monument of Peter Shuvalov, the founder of the ironworks, was honored with flowers

A ceremonial event was held at the site of the Administration of the City of Izhevsk near the monument of Peter Shuvalov, the founder of the iron-making plant on the Izh River. This monument was installed in November 2015 in memory of state figures, thanks to which the history of our city began.

The main federal inspector of the Udmurt Republic Dmitry Musin, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexey Zagrebin, acting Head of the City of Izhevsk Sergei Zadorozhny, chairman of the City Duma of Izhevsk Oleg Garin, deputies of the State Council of the Urals and the City Duma of Izhevsk, honorary citizens of Izhevsk, heads of industrial enterprises and others attended the event.

Sergei Zadorozhny, Oleg Garin, the first mayor of Izhevsk and the honorary citizen of the city Anatoly Saltykov laid flowers to the monument of Peter Shuvalov.

“On the City Day, according to tradition, we pay tribute to the memory and respect of our ancestors. Those who created the city on Izh River, formed its working and cultural glory. We honor our residents who continue these wonderful traditions, make Izhevsk more comfortable, work for the benefit of their families, businesses, and the city,” said Sergei Zadorozhny.

At midday, the Udmurt national fest "Gerber" was held in the Birch Grove

The citizens of Izhevsk celebrated the traditional Udmurt national fest "Gerber" in the park "Birch Grove" on June 12. The event was organized by the Administration of the Industrial District with the local Association "Udmurt Kenesh" and the Udmurt State Philharmonic.

The audience was welcomed by honorable guests - representatives of the Russian State Duma, the Government of Udmurt Republic, the Administration and the City Duma of Izhevsk.

Citizens of Izhevsk were greeted by representatives of other regions - deputies of the State Duma representing Buryatia - Aldar Damdinov, Komi Republic - Ivan Medvedev, Kaliningrad region - Alexander Pyatikop. The guests noted the hospitality and kindheartedness of the Udmurt people, they hope that Izhevsk citizens will continue to support and strengthen the friendship between the representatives of many nationalities living in the Udmurt Republic.

In 2018, the main idea of the Udmurt holiday was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Udmurt movement in Russia. Different venues were open for the guests of all ages, the dancing and singing ensemble "Italmas" performed on the main stage of the Gorky Park and, also, other groups of the Philharmonic society.

At the same time, a massive plein air was held in Izhevsk

The courtyard of the National Museum of K. Gerd held an open-air drawing event of the Izhevsk art schools’ pupils, dedicated to the Day of the city and the Day of Russia.

About 300 young artists, dressed in T-shirts and baseball caps of the colors of the Russian flag, were drawing the sights and favorite places of Izhevsk and Udmurt Republic for three hours. Their work was created under the guidance of mentors from the Union of Artists of the Udmurt Republic.

At the end of the event, its participants posted pictures of their works on the social network Instagram and VKontakte with hashtags #WeareRussia, #Udmurtiacharges and #IloveIzhevsk.

The day continued with concerts and honoring a decoration "For Services to the City of Izhevsk" for the first time

The presentation of a decoration "Honorary citizen of the city of Izhevsk" and the first time presentation of an honorary decoration "For services to the city of Izhevsk" took place at the festive event in the Concert Hall "Axion" on June 12.

By the decision of the City Duma of Izhevsk, the title of "Honorary Citizen of the City of Izhevsk" was awarded to Viktor Balakin, who ran the capital of Udmurt Republic from 2000 to 2010, and Yuri Borovik, a veteran of the energy sector, who headed the Udmurtenergo company from 1984 to 2001.

The honorary decoration "For Services to the City of Izhevsk" was awarded to:

- Alina Zagitova, Olympic champion of 2018 in personal competitions in figure skating;

- Valery Shaposhnikov, master of sports of the USSR in cycling, honored coach of the RSFSR, judge of the All-Russian category in cycling, champion of Russia in the team competition in cyclo-cross;

- Lydia Ilyina, member of the public district organization of the Council of Retired Workers and Workers of the Armed Forces of the Pervomaisky District.

Afterward, the children's dance group "Chingyli" performed on the stage for the citizens, as well as Stas Piekha presented the concert program to the guests of the festival.

Towards the end of the day, a fan zone for viewing matches of the FIFA World Cup has opened in the Kirov Park

Izhevsk citizens will be able to watch live matches of the World Football Championship since June 14 in the Kirov Park. The territory is equipped with a large screen, seats, food courts and toilets. There is also a children's and a sports ground on the territory.

At the opening ceremony, the Minister of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy of the Republic of Udmurtia Natalia Goltsova and the Head of the Department for Physical Culture and Sports of the City Administration Maxim Sorokin awarded the winners of the domestic football competitions which are dedicated to the City Day. Competitions were held in five city districts on June 11.

In the future, the fan zone will be used for holding city and street festivals.

The Day of the City of Izhevsk was finalized with a spectacular firework above the Izhevsk Pond.

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